The Forenew Inflation Device uses air to inflate the existing foreskin. The bulb air pump delivers air to the device, which in turn inflates a small balloon which causes the skin to stretch, resulting in tissue expansion over a period of time.


Superior skin grip is provided by means of the dual skin gripper, whilst the flow controller minimises air loss. There is also the option to use the device with a 80g weighted collar, which provides additional tension to the skin.



The device comes compete with:


One piece carbon reinforced nylon body.

Plain outer silicone retainer.

Inner skin silicone gripper.

Bulb air pump.

Straight push in fitting.

Flow controller.

10 x air balloons.


We strongly recommend only using this device using the non-direct method of inflation.


Please note the current lead time on these devices is 14 days.



Forenew Inflation Foreskin Restoration Device